Greater Tampa Bay Area

About Hanley Consulting

At Hanley Consulting, we believe in helping people grow and businesses improve by increasing employee awareness, satisfaction, and engagement, resulting in increased profits. We do this by using our knowledge and experience in the financial industry along with the tools provided through our partners at Target Training International, Ltd. (TTI) and our consultative coaching techniques to develop better employer/employee communications.

Our Mission:

Providing Solutions for Tomorrow's Challenges - The mission of Hanley Consulting is to help people grow, help businesses improve, and help profits S.O.A.R.!!!
Solid Organizational Activities = Revenues.

Our Values: What we demand of our organization and ourselves. We are commited to respecting:

  • Differences: the similarity, dissimilarity, talents, abilities and diversity of individuals.
  • Perception: the insight, acuity, opinions, assessment, observations and sensitivity of others.
  • Contribution: the role, involvement, giving and sharing of ideas and beliefs of others.
  • Integrity: the honesty, reliability, uprightness, and the search for truth by others.
  • Innovation: the pursuit of understanding and desire to improve.

Our Goals:

We enjoy helping people and businesses self-actualize to have better working experiences. We are, therefore, passionate about or goals of:

  1. Assessing the total performance behaviors (DISC), motivators, skills, and emotional intelligence
  2. Training to understand and improve talents and interpersonal relationships to achieve win-win communication scenarios
  3. Consulting to improve sales, system procedures, financial management, and customer service excellence.

Our Experience:

  • Distributor and Trainer of Target Training International, Ltd. (TTI), TTI Success Insights® Assessments since 1995.
  • 35 years combined experience in Banking and Financial Management, specializing in Cash Flow Analysis and Improvement, Business Banking/Commercial Lending, and interim management.
  • Extensive work with Non-Profit organizations in Customer Service and Board Policies.

Our Product:

We assess, identify, and develop the Who, What, Why, and How of people. This is done by using TTI Success Insights® assessments to identify the 4 Science of Self™ categories: Emotional Intelligence=Who, Behaviors (DISC)=What, Motivators=Why, and Skills/Competencies=How.