Greater Tampa Bay Area

Behaviors (DISC), Motivators, and Skills Analysis and Training

Sales/Customer Service/Teambuilding/Conflict Management

  • Distributor of Target Training International, Ltd. (TTI) Insights™ Job and TTI Success Insights® Assessment Tools
  • Assessments to determine Job Match: the behaviors (DISC) individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, and the ability to demonstrate the skills competencies required by the job.
  • Specialized Consulting and Customized Workshops which add value to organization or team, concentrating on solving specific problems and/or enhancing Sales, Customer Service and Team Performance

Business Financial Management

Business Insurance

  • Ability to provide a compreshesive review of all insurance needs including Life, Keyperson/Keyman, Business Overhead Expense, Disability, and Buy-out Agreements.

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Analysis of company's Cash Flow Cycle to determine where improvements need to be made to ensure financial success

Business Planning

  • Business Plan and Budget Analysis for "start-up" or businesses wishing to attain a higher level of sales and productivity

Loan Assistance

  • Assistance with planning process to obtain loans for Working Capital, Equipment and/or to purchase a new facility

Medical Practice Management

Practice Analysis/AR Management/Job Roles

  • Assess Practice Systems and Procedures and provide Summary of Recommendations
  • Implement Recommendations
  • Analyze Accounts Receivable performance and make appropriate recommendations/systems improvements
  • Define Job Roles and Responsibilities to ensure maximum efficiency and job match