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Behaviors (DISC), Motivators, and Skills Analysis and Training

Sales/Customer Service/Teambuilding/Conflict Management

  • Distributor of Target Training International, Ltd. (TTI) Insights™ Job and TTI Success Insights® Assessment Tools
  • Assessments to determine Job Match: the behaviors (DISC) individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, and the ability to demonstrate the skills competencies required by the job.
  • Specialized Consulting and Customized Workshops which add value to organization or team, concentrating on solving specific problems and/or enhancing Sales, Customer Service and Team Performance

  • Job benchmarking

    By investing in Job Benchmarking, you’ll secure the talent necessary for success while eliminating common biases often associated with the hiring process. TTI’s patented Job Benchmarking process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person in the job. To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process and job assessment. When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, it will have a direct effect on your business’ bottom line. You’ll not only attract the best candidates, but you’ll save time and money by hiring the right people the first time and reducing the learning curve with new employees who are strategically matched to fit your company. Begin today with a review of how TTI’s Job Benchmarking Process can contribute to your talent management — and lay a foundation for success!

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  • Sales Skills Index™

    Your Business is in the Hands of Your Sales Personnel Learning what your customers need is a winning formula to create lifetime value. Achieve this by knowing these answers: Can they sell? Do they understand the sales process? Are they treating each sales situation the way top salespeople do?

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  • Stress Quotient™ Assessment

    Stress-related ailments cost the nation $300 billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity. Why Assess STRESS? As you look around your office, you may see people who are the picture of productivity. But looks can be deceiving. Your workplace may actually be a breeding ground for stress, which is slowly chipping away at the collective morale, and the individual spirit of your most valuable people. Often times stress rises and spreads unbeknownst to even the most empathic leaders. Stress Quotient® is an accurate diagnostic for revealing the stressors at play in your office. The Cost of Disengagement Worksheet Enter your values in the yellow boxes to calculate how much disengaged employees are costing your organization. How many employees are in your organization? What percentage of employees are disengaged for whatever reason (be conservative)? % Multiply #1 x #2 (number of disengaged employees) a. Motivation level of disengaged employees? % b. Demotivation level of disengaged employees? (100% - 4a) % a. Average hourly salary per employee $ b. Average weekly salary per employee (5a x 40 hours) $ Total weekly wages of disengaged employees (Multiply #3 x #5b) $ Disengagement cost per week (Multiply #6 x #4b) $ Estimated cost per year (#7 x 52 weeks of Disengagement) $0.00 function calc(){ var employees = jQuery('#employees').val(); var percent_disengaged = jQuery('#percent_disengaged').val(); var number_disengaged = employees * (percent_disengaged/100); jQuery('#number_disengaged').val(number_disengaged); console.log(number_disengaged); var level_disengaged = jQuery('#level_disengaged').val(); var demotivation_percent = 100 - level_disengaged; jQuery('#demotivation_percent').val(demotivation_percent); var average_hourly_salary = jQuery('#average_hourly_salary').val(); var average_weekly_salary = average_hourly_salary * 40; jQuery('#average_weekly_salary').val(average_weekly_salary); var total_weekly_disengaged_wages = number_disengaged * average_weekly_salary; jQuery('#total_weekly_disengaged_wages').val(total_weekly_disengaged_wages); var disengagement_weekly_total = total_weekly_disengaged_wages * (demotivation_percent/100); jQuery('#disengagement_weekly_total').val(disengagement_weekly_total); var cost_per_year = disengagement_weekly_total * 52; // var comma_separator_number_step = $.animateNumber.numberStepFactories.separator(','); // jQuery('#cost_per_year_span').animateNumber({ number:cost_per_year,numberStep: comma_separator_number_step}); console.log('cost:'+cost_per_year); var cost_per_year_print = cost_per_year.toLocaleString(); jQuery('#cost_per_year_span').text(cost_per_year_print); } jQuery( document ).ready(function() { calc(); jQuery( '.user-fill.empty-field' ).keyup(function() { calc(); }); jQuery.validator.setDefaults({ debug: true, success: "valid" }); jQuery('#disengagement').validate({ rules: { employees: { number: true, min:0 }, percent_disengaged: { number: true, max: 100, min:0 }, level_disengaged: { number: true, max: 100, min:0 }, average_hourly_salary:{ number: true, min:0 } } }); }); .empty-field { border:2px solid red !important; background-color:lightyellow !important; }

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  • TTI Talent Insights®

    Ideal for the recruitment and retention of entry level- customer service, experienced sales reps and managers, Talent Insights is simple, yet sophisticated. Talent Insights effortlessly integrates the Behaviors individuals bring to the job and the Motivators that drive them. What Does TTI Talent Insights® Provide?

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  • TTI Trimetrix® DNA

    Leveraging the power of three sciences, TriMetrix DNA will help you leverage your human capital potential by understanding how people behave, what drives them and which soft skills they bring to the workplace. TriMetrix DNA combines behaviors (DISC), motivators and competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements.

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